Solace - Health and Beauty
Swedish Body Massage (Female only)
Full Body Massage ..........1 hour £35.00
Back, neck and shoulder..........30 mins £22.00 
Anti-cellulite leg massage .......... 30 mins £21.00
Massage has become an increasingly popular way for people to relieve tension and enjoy a relaxing retreat from life's otherwise stressful activities. Massage can be an enjoyable experience for those who benefit from it, and it is also a great way to improve energy and motivation at work and at home.
Swedish massage was developed in 1812 by a Swedish physiologist named Henri Peter Ling, who worked at the University of Stockholm. He wanted to create a relaxing form of massage that would increase circulation, ease tension and improve flexibility in patients.

I provide an ergonomically shaped, memory foam beauty couch, with head and arm rest to ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment. I have a selection of relaxing music which can gently play in the background, creating the ambience necessary for deep relaxation and sleep.
A hydrating Grape Seed Oil is used as the medium for the massage.
You will feel relaxed, rested and revived following your massage treatment.
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